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ALLPOWERS currently has multiple solar panels with different purposes and power:

Models such as 5V21W, 18V60W, and 18V100W can be used to charge 5V devices such as smartphones, iPad tablets, digital cameras, 12-18V laptops, car 12V batteries, and outdoor power sources.

Models such as 18V140W, 18V200W, and 37V400W are commonly used with solar panels for outdoor power charging and storage.

According to different power levels, there are different power generation effects. For example, the actual converted power generation of the 18V200W solar panel is about 100Wh-120Wh per hour, and the effective sunlight environment time is about 6 hours per day. Therefore, the average daily power generation is about 600Wh-720Wh, equivalent to 0.6-0.72 kWh.

It can be used in conjunction with Allpowers power station for power storage or charging and discharging. For example, a 200W solar panel paired with a S1500 power station can store the power in the daytime and outputting while charging. Alternatively, solar panels can be used to generate electricity and charge the power station then use it at night

There is no radiation. Solar power generation is a method of converting light to electricity.The common radiation in our daily lives is generated by signals emitted from mobile phones when making phone calls or accessing the internet.

NO. The principle of solar panels is to convert solar energy into DC voltages of 5V, 12V, and 18V by absorbing solar energy. It is safe for the human body

It is possible that there may be barriers between sunlight and solar panels, such as glass or shadows blocking local areas of the solar panel; Another possibility is that the solar panel incomplete opening causing insufficient power.

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