Intelligent photovoltaic energy kit
ALLPOWERS has created a powerful and sustainable energy system by integrating three major sectors: photovoltaic, energy storage, and application. It can easily cope with electricity demand in scenarios such as emergency power outages, peak load shift
24/7 uninterruptible power system,injects infinite energy into life
Connect the ALLPOWERS energy kit to the electrical panel, providing a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply. Once a power outage is detected, our energy kit will switch to the energy storage group for power supply within 15ms, ensuring productivity while
2kWh to 101kWh scalable Capacity Customize Your Exclusive Power System
The ALLPOWERS energy kit consists of solar panels, energy storage kits, and intelligent control systems. By pairing different quantities of energy storage battery packs and solar panels, different sizes of power kits are built for each household.
Multiple charging methods for both indoor and outdoor
ALLPOWERS energy storage unit supports multiple charging modes: AC, solar panel, generator, car charging, AC+solar panel .It can meet the fast charging needs in different scenarios
LFP battery cells
Wide voltage
AC output
Pure sine wave output

Green and clean energy

used with solar panels, as long as there is sunlight there is electricity

24/7 Backup Power

Long lasting, safe and stable

All-round energy supply at a click

small size,large capacity
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