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Portable power station is a energy storage built-in lithium-ion battery, its own reserves of electricity and AC output with multi-functional. Light weight, high capacity, high power, easy to carry, can be used indoors or outdoors. It can choose conventional charging or solar charging according to different use cases. It can provide ultra-high power 220V AC output, and configured with a variety of DC output modules such as 5V/9V/12V, not only applied to different load equipment, outdoor power supply applications are also widely. In addition to common use in outdoor ,it can also be used as a backup power supply in the home and car.

At present, ALLPOWERS has multiple models with capacities of 154Wh, 288Wh, 299Wh, 606Wh, 1092Wh, 1500Wh, 3000Wh, 3600Wh. Users can choose power stations of different capacities according to their needs.

ALLPOWERS outdoor power station has extremely fast charging and multiple charging methods, such as AC charging, car charging, solar charging, and electric pile charging. Different types of power station, may have slightly different charging methods and power, and the charging time are also different.


Taking AC charging as an example, the charging time is as follows:

S200 takes approximately 1.5 hours [PD65W dual fast charging]

S300 takes about 3 hours [PD65W dual fast charging]

R600 approximately 1.5 hours

About 6 hours for S700

S1500 approximately 3.5 hours

S2000 approximately 4.5 hours

S PRO approximately 1.5 hours

R4000 approximately 2.5 hours

This involves two aspects: one is power stations capacity, and the other is the power of the appliances used by the user. Taking the S1500 outdoor power station as an example, its own capacity is 1092Wh. If a 65W projector is given endurance outdoors, the calculation formula is as follows: 1092Wh/65W * 0.85 (transmission process loss) ≈ 14 hours.

At present, ALLPOWERS has outdoor power supplies that use automotive grade ternary lithium cells and iron phosphate lithium cells according to different models. They are safe and durable, and their lifespan is at the leading level among other battery cells in the market. We independently develop a BMS battery management system, which provides comprehensive protection for your electricity safety from monitoring, protection, balance, early warning, and intelligent control of the power supply.

For a short trip of 2-3 days, ALLPOWERS recommends purchasing S1500. The S1500 has a large capacity of 1092Wh, a high power of 1500W, and is equipped with 5 output modes and 11 output ports. Whether it is for mobile phones, photography, drone range, or using tablets, outdoor cooking, or watching screen movies, it can meet all the requirements.

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