CES 2019: Here's the most innovative product you can find at ALLPOWERS Booth

RELEASE TIME: 2019-01-08 VIEWS: 2174

CES 2019, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, has officially begun. ALLPOWERS has the newest and most innovative products on display. 

Monster: Smartest, Fastest Portable Power Station

Monster, the world's first power station equipped with wireless charger and app, gives you uninterrupted power every day. It has 9 outputs to power any of your devices. The 100,500mAh (372Wh) capacity can charge iPhone 38 times, or keep a 20L mini fridge working for 12 hours.


Visitors to ALLPOWERS booth can see for themselves how Monster’s premium performance and innovative design improve the entire outdoor experience.

The monster power station is available on Indiegogo now. You can back it here: