Triple Input Port 20000mAh Power Bank Black

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> Colossal Power

Massive Powerful 20000mAh Power, add 6+ solid charges to an iPhone 8, large capacity cell phones like iPhone X and Galaxy s8, and 2+ for iPad mini

> Universal Charging

Dual output ports keep your USB-C and USB-A devices fully powered on-the-go (the USB-C port can supply a powerful 3A by itself).

> Recharge Faster with 3 Inputs

Recharge your power bank via USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB port. 2A efficient fast charger, 20%-30% faster than normal 5V 1A input power bank

> Digi-Power Technology

Smart Digital Screen shows remaining power in digital format, just like the smart phones.

> Complete Compatibility

Compatible with all 5V USB-powered devices including new USB-C devices, Apple & Android cell phones, tablets, wireless headphones & speakers, and more.


* Capacity: 20000mAh

* Micro Input 5V/2A(max.)

* iPhone Input  5V1.5A(max.)

* Lightning In/Out  5V2.4A/5V3A(max.)

* USB Output 5V2.4A(max.)

* Size:175x85x18mm/6.9*3.35*0.7 inch

* Weight:430g/15.17oz


AP-PB-012-BLA(Triple Input Port 20000mAh Power Bank Black)--click to expand it
1.What is the maintaining trips or how should I store it when it is not in use?
Unlike maintenance-free primaary battery(such as AA,AAA batteries)it is suggested to fully recharge this power bank at least once every 90 days.
Besides, for first use, please recharge battery to full and do not recharge until it is discharged to 0%. for daily use, it is recommended to always leave at least 10-25% capacity unsued.
2.What is the safe temperature range to store this power bank?
Room temp would be best, batteries do not like extreme temps. we use it mostly to keep our phone charged outdoors, please be sure to keep it out of direct sun.
3.Can you take this on an airplane?

Product manual download