Inverters / Chargers

RELEASE TIME: 2011-02-08 VIEWS: 970

 An inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). AC electricity is the most common type of electricity used in appliances, such as: refrigerators, air conditioners and electric stoves among others. A solar energy system produces DC electricity; therefore an inverter is required to convert this energy into useful AC power for your home, RV, boat or commercial consumption.

 The sizing and specification of the inverter depend on the maximum wattage you require. This means adding the wattage of all the appliances running at once. Having a refrigerator that consumes 540 watts and a central air conditioning unit that requires 5000 watts being fed by the solar energy system, it would require an inverter with a minimum capacity of 5540 watts. Also, your inverter must comply with your battery bank and its nominal voltage, whether it’s a 12V, 24V or a 48V. Other specifications include whether the intended inverter will be used for a Grid-tie, Grid-tie with Battery Backup or an Off-Grid System.