Batteries for Solar

RELEASE TIME: 2019-04-08 VIEWS: 1767

Normally the batteries used in photovoltaic systems are lead acid type. The two main types are Starting and Deep Cycle. Choosing the right type depends on the application. The starting type is used for systems which need a quick and large amount of energy to start, for example starting an engine. Deep cycle batteries can be discharged and recharged continuously. They are compatible with systems which need long-term energy delivery, such as solar and marine applications.

There are various types of lead acid batteries: Gel, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Wet. Gel and AGM types are more resistant to degradation and can store more energy. If the system is not used constantly, AGM batteries are a good choice since they can keep their charge much longer than other types. The wet batteries are generally less expensive than the other two.

The other factor for choosing the batteries in a system is the Amp-hour (AH) rating. The AH rating represents the amount of current delivered from the battery over one hour. For example, a 100 AH battery can deliver 5 amps over a 20 hour period or 20 amps over a 5 hour period. The higher the AH rating, the longer it can deliver energy. Note that draining your batteries all the way down to 0% will actually damage the batteries. It is recommended to not discharge your batteries to less than 50% (higher is recommended).