There comes the result of 13 large-scale solar power project bid inviting

RELEASE TIME: 2013-08-23 VIEWS: 1598

National Energy Bureau is expected to decide in the next few days who will be responsible for 13 large solar energy project construction and operation. The 13 projects will make solar power generation in China is doubling the capacity. 
     The total installed capacity of this PV project is 280 MW, the tender attracted totals 135. Chinese government is trying to promote renewable energy development and reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions growth. 
    According to China Guangdong Nuclear Power Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd. (CGNPC Solar Energy Development Co.), an official said the company submitted all bids for 13 projects, with five major power competition in the same table, looking forward to good results. The company is the subsidiary of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd.
     Other bid includes state-owned enterprises and China's five major power groups such as the United States-listed Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (Suntech Power Holdings., STP, referred to as: Suntech Power) and other major equipment suppliers.