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News information
Donated the Zhong Nanshan Foundation to help fight the epidemic
Release Time:2/27/2020

In the face of the epidemic, there is great love, and the epidemic is ruthless. Since the outbreak of pneumonia in Hubei, people from all walks of life have extended a helping hand to Wuhan. Guangzhou Aopeng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in Wuhan. Under the guidance of the Guangzhou Development Zone Government, the Greater Bay Area Financial Service Center and the shareholders, on the one hand, we have mobilized resources and strength actively, and started the emergency donation action to devote ourselves to this great "battle against the epidemic".

On February 24th, Aopeng organized a charity donation ceremony, and the staff responded positively by offering help and sounding the rallying call of love. A total of five boxes of masks, five boxes of emergency outdoor energy storage, two boxes of disinfectant and cash donations were donated to the Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation.

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