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News information
Guangzhou ALLPOWERS was awarded the "Academician Expert Workstation"
Release Time:8/26/2020

Recently, according to the relevant requirements of the Implementation Plan on promoting the construction of Academician Expert Workstation in Guangzhou (Association for Science and Technology [2019] No. 48), the Guangzhou Association of Science and Technology of the Organization Department of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China recently elected 16 enterprises to approve the construction of "Academician expert workstation" after preliminary application, qualification examination, field investigation, expert review and other work. As one of the approved construction units of academician Expert Workstation, I was awarded the plaque of Academician Expert Workstation, which is a full affirmation of our company's scientific research achievements in science and energy.

In the next few years, Guangzhou Aopeng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will further play the advantages of academician workstation platform, strive to attract more outstanding talents to the station, constantly enrich the company's research and development force, improve the company's research and development technology level, to establish a enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, industry-university-research technology innovation system. The company will give full play to its advantages of having a large market share in the field of new solar energy and directly facing the technical needs of customers, and carry out its work from three directions: Firstly, we will continue to deepen R&D and innovation work in the fields of solar new energy and intelligent energy storage equipment. Secondly, we will establish R&D early warning system to improve R&D efficiency and reduce trial and error costs in view of possible technical difficulties. Finally, we will explore innovative applications of solar new energy and intelligent energy storage technology in this field by combining advanced technology concepts such as big data and blockchain.

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